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Exquisite Hand Crafted Lingerie & Corsetry

Karolina Laskowska specializes in crafting small batch, limited edition collections from rare and unusual materials. Known for her craftsmanship, Karolina combines dark, gothic details and ornate opulence with the best of traditional corsetry and couture lingerie. 

All pieces are handmade by Karolina Laskowska in her Oslo studio.


A members only space to access Karolina's latest projects, exclusive sales and much more. Join from just $2/month. 


Patreon Testimonials

I signed up to Karolina’s Patreon to be able to enjoy lingerie content online without the frustration of social media algorithms. Even on a lower tier ($5 per month) it has given me access to a space to nerd out over lingerie design, materials and history with like-minded people. It is always a joy to get a new post notification because I know I can expect exceptional designs and beautiful photos. Karolina posts regularly and often. There are several other incentives too: often new designs are released to Patreon subscribers before they go public, they get first access to sample sales and sometimes even discounts.

S. G.

I highly recommend joining Karolina’s Patreon. She posts several times a month, uploads high-quality photos, and offers behind-the-scenes looks at her collections and techniques. She loves experimenting and isn’t afraid to write about her mistakes. I admire her frequent use of antique silk and deadstock lace; she makes beautiful lingerie out of materials that would otherwise go to waste. Karolina clearly loves her craft and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about lingerie.

A. B.

Karolina's Patreon is easily one of my favorite corners of the internet! I personally chose to support her at the $10 tier, and I'm constantly amazed by how frequently Karolina publishes such detailed posts. Nearly every day, I open my inbox to posts that offer insight into her process, embellishment tutorials, updates on ongoing projects, and lots of really, really, really beautiful photography. It's a true privilege to see these couture lingerie and corsetry ensembles come to life, especially considering that almost none of these projects are ever posted publicly on social media. Karolina's technical mastery of the craft is mind-boggling, and her creativity is seemingly endless. I've been following her work for years, and I'm still constantly delighted by the variation in her couture work -- each creation feels so fresh and new, yet still unmistakably made by Karolina's hands.

L. S.

I do not have time to read everything Karolina posts. She works a lot and posts a lot: not just text, but videos and photos as well, sometimes in extraordinary quality for the limited resources she works with. She is a very articulate person so her text are a joy to read, very candid, very informative and sometimes going into technical and economical details which I for one really appreciate.

However, what Karolina excels at is creativity and she has an incredible grasp of her craft. Although I have been following her for some years now, I gasp often when presented with new creations. I get the feeling she creates because she cannot live otherwise.

A. C.

Gift card

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Karolina collaborates with other leaders in the luxury lingerie space to bring imaginative limited edition offerings to life. Most recently, she has worked with Harlow & Fox, Vanyanís & Evgenia. 

These collaborations are all ready-to-wear collections, shipping internationally.