Page coming soon! Please email to discuss any potential custom orders. 

 A small curated selection of customisable products is available here, to be updated with new products in due course. 

What’s the between custom and bespoke?

While the dictionary definitions of these words are very similar, in the fashion world, they have very different meanings—and both involve a good deal more than ready to wear (RTW), which is buying clothes or bras directly off the rack.

Custom is a process where we take a pre-existing Karolina Laskowska design and tailor it to your unique specifications. This can mean a few things:

  • Making a retired design in a different color (provided that materials are available)
  • Changing where a strap is located on a current design
  • Minor alterations to the fit of an existing piece
  • and more!

Custom IS made to order BUT it is not an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design created just for you. 

Bespoke is a unique, one-of-a-kind design created just for you, in consultation with Karolina. The only limit is your imagination.