Ethics & Sustainability


Karolina Laskowska strives to create timeless designs, and eschews the notion of fashion seasons for lingerie design. Beautiful lingerie is for every season, and every year. Collections are offered for however long our limited edition materials are available for. If there is a design from a previous collection that you’d like to order, as long as the materials are still available, we can accommodate you.


Our lingerie is built to last: with proper care, Karolina Laskowska garments can be enjoyed for many years. Our designs are crafted with high-quality materials, and balance sturdy construction with comfort and luxury.


All of our products are individually hand made by Karolina Laskowska in her Oslo studio, making the manufacturing process 100% traceable. The majority of designs are made to order, following individual customer specifications. This helps to reduce waste and avoids the overproduction model that is endemic to the mainstream fashion industry.  


All offcut and waste fabrics are either reused in new designs or donated to local craftspeople for upcycling into home textiles and artwork.


Orders are shipped wrapped in luxury tissue paper as standard. Gift boxes are available for an additional charge. All gift boxes and outer packing boxes are from either FSC® certified sources or made from 40-99% recycled paper, and are completely recyclable. We encourage customers to reuse or recycle our packaging wherever possible. Smaller orders and sample sale orders are shipped in recyclable tissue paper and courier mailing bags. 


Wherever possible, materials are sourced from traceable and ethical sources within Europe. Our laces are sourced from manufacturers in France, Italy and the UK.

Many of our designs are designed around deadstock materials (leftover materials from the production runs of larger brands, or end of line fabrics from suppliers), a more sustainable practice than constantly designing around newly produced textiles.


If you have any questions about the ethics or sustainability practices of the brand, please don't hesitate to get in touch.