Tutorial: Bra Cradle Pattern Manipulation

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This digital tutorial gives detailed instructions on how to manipulate a basic bra cradle pattern, covering a wide range of design possibilities and providing detailed instructions on how to manipulate the pattern piece, how underwires function, how to prepare pattern pieces for use with lace scalloped edges, how to add seam allowances and grain lines. The tutorial comprises of two PDF files. 

This tutorial is accompanied by pattern blocks for a wide bra size range, covering the following UK bra sizes: 30C-H, 32B-GG, 34A-G, 36AA-FF, 38AA-F, 40AA-E, 42AA-DD

Future tutorials will explore how to create a bra using the patterns created from these instructions and will initially be released via Patreon, before going on sale here. 

This product is a digital file only, which will be sent to your email address for you to download. Please allow up to 3 working days to receive your patterns, as these files are not sent automatically due to fraud checks.