SAMPLE Stretch Powernet Underbust Corset - 21" Waist Only

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This garment began life as an experimental washable corset (originally using carbon fibre bones), before later having these swapped out for lighterweight and less rigid flat steel. This piece is exceedingly comfortable and flexible, with front and back panels of coutil and side panels of stretchy, heavyweight powernet. This is a corset that moves with you! It is cut low on the underbust, high at the back and high at the hips. 

The corset is structured with flat steel bones at the centre front and back, and synthetic baleen on all other seams. The bone channels and waist tape are formed with cotton twill. The binding is formed of a stretchy foldover elastic. Black enamelled eyelets and cotton lacing form the centre back fastening. 

This corset is an experimental piece and the stitching is not at a retail standard. This is mostly noticeable on the elastic binding, which has been partially unpicked and restitched numerous times and may have a few skipped stitches. This does not affect the function or lifespan of the garment and is a purely aesthetic fault. 

If custom made, this piece would start at 10,000NOK. Due to the stitching flaws this corset is offered at a significant discount. 



This corset has a closed waist of 21", and recommended for a waist 5-6" larger. It is cut for a dramatic hip and rib spring, but the stretch fabric make this an even more flexibly fitting style. It closes at around 29" at the ribcage and 35" at the full hip, but can easily accomodate larger sizes. 


About the materials:

Pre-washed cotton coutil
Heavy weight powernet
Flat steel and synthetic baleen bones

Garment care:

Specialist dry clean only.