SAMPLE Silk Cotton Satin Underbust Corset With Blossom Lace Appliqué - 26" Waist

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Please read the condition description carefully, as this is a flawed sample piece and is not sewn to a retail or bespoke standard. 

This corset sample was made as a detailed toile to test a Sparklewren corset pattern. An underbust corset cut very low on the ribcage, made entirely in a strong but lightweight silk-cotton blend satin in 'Foxglove' purple. It is lightly structured with a mix of spiral and flat steels, with the majority of the shaping coming from the single layer hip gores. The hip gores are re-enforced at their point with tiny hand stitching. The corset fastens at the rear with black enamelled eyelets and black cotton lacing. The narrow satin binding is hand stitched on the interior, for a mostly invisible exterior finishing.

The corset is embellished at the front and back with assymetrical lace appliqué, hand painted in water-colouresque rainbow tones, with some of the motifs sewn in the 3D 'Falling Blossoms' style popularised by Sparklewren. The lace is all hand stitched.


There are only a couple of minor flaws to this piece, and these are mostly only visible from the garment interior: some messy doubled over stitching with varying stitch length on the interior of one bone channel. Some top stitching is slightly offset on the interior but not at all visible when worn. There is some small variance in stitch length, and a longer stitch length than would be used on a custom piece. None of these flaws affect how wearable the piece is or how it looks on the exterior. 



Best suited for approximately a UK 14. See the full measurements below for details.

Measurements are provided with the corset laced completely shut, but of course the garment can be worn with a gap in the back (recommended up to 2"). Lacing gaps should be one of the following shapes: /\ \/ || - a lacing gap of )( or () shapes may damage the corset with prolonged wear. 
Underbust: 31"
Closed waist: 26" (will stretch to 27" with prolonged wear due to lack of waist tape)
Hip: 32" 
CF height: 11"
CB height: 9.5"
Side height: 9"
This piece has a mild silhouette and is not suitable for tightlacing. 


About the materials:

Silk-cotton blend satin
Spiral and flat steel bones
Hand painted and hand stitched leavers lace motifs
Hand finished binding

Garment care:

Specialist dry clean only.