SAMPLE Spot Broche & Hand Painted Lace Cincher - 20" Waist

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Please read the condition description carefully, as this is a flawed sample piece and is not sewn to a retail or bespoke standard. 

This corset sample was made as a detailed toile to test a Sparklewren corset pattern. It uses a single layer of spot broche coutil in white/pink and is structured with a mix of spiral and flat steel. The eyelets at the centre back have a baby pink finish, and the lacing is natural unbleached cotton. A hand stitched flourish of hand painted chantilly lace embellishes the centre front. 


The thread is slightly offshade from the main fabric, as is the binding. The binding is made of a pre-made cotton sateen and is entirely machine stitched.  The stitch length is longer than a custom order would use.



Best suited for approximately a UK 6-8. See the full measurements below for details.

Measurements are provided with the corset laced completely shut, but of course the garment can be worn with a gap in the back (recommended up to 2"). Lacing gaps should be one of the following shapes: /\ \/ || - a lacing gap of )( or () shapes may damage the corset with prolonged wear. 
Underbust: 27"
Closed waist: 20"
Hip: 28" 
CF height: 8"
CB height: 8.5"
Side height: 7"
This piece is not recommended for tightlacing due to the construction methods used. The silhouette is not particularly curvy and is best recommended as a slim fit. Best suited for around a  UK 8, worn with a small gap.


About the materials:

Spot broche coutil
Spiral and flat steel boning
Enamelled baby pink eyelets
Hand painted & hand stitched French chantilly lace appliqué

Garment care:

Specialist dry clean only.