SAMPLE Robe De Style Slip With Panniers In Bobbinet Tulle, Needle Lace & Silk Ribbon - Size UK 10 Only

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This style might look a little strange in the world of modern lingerie! This slip is created with built in dramatic hip panniers, and is intended as the foundation for a Robe De Style, a gown silhouette popularised be Jeanne Lanvin in the 1920s. It was originally made as part of the designer's wedding trousseau and uses luxury fabrics and rare original vintage textiles. This slip can be worn beneath a lightweight full skirt to give an exaggerated line to the hips. 

The slip is made of a single layer of beige, French made, cotton bobbinet tulle, and is trimmed with a narrow 1930s French leavers lace edging, and a 1940s needle lace at the bustline. The built in panniers are supported with synthetic baleen bones, and their shape can be adjusted with the elastic loops on the inside of each pannier. The shoulder straps and waist sash are made from a pale blue vintage silk satin ribbon. 

Please note that due to the age of the lace, there are some marks on the bustline trim. The waist seam of the slip is left raw and finished with a pinked edge, in the style of period clothing. These are not considered true flaws, but any buyer should be aware of the features. 


The main slip is cut with a relatively free fitting shape but must be pulled on over the head, which limits its size range. The narrowest part fits 38", and so this style is not recommended for larger than a UK 10. The waist line can be fitted in to the body with the silk ribbon sash, and the panniers can be adjusted for more or less projection away from the body. 


About the materials:
Soft cotton bobbinet tulle made by Sophie Hallette
Vintage 1930s leavers lace trim
Vintage 1940s English needle lace trim
Vintage blue silk satin ribbon

Garment care:

Recommended specialist dry clean only. If the cotton tulle is submerged in water, it will shrink and the fit will be altered.