Summer giveaway 2016 - winners!

I always feel a little sad when a giveaway runs to a close, particularly one where I've had so many absolutely gorgeous entries. The latest competition was for customer photos wearing my designs, and I've been absolutely blown away! I truly feel blown away by how gorgeous and creative my customers are, it's been rather a challenge trying to cut down to a single winner and 2 runners up... I feel as though every entry deserves so lingerie treats!  So without further ado, here are the wonderful photos! (please note that many entrants have asked to remain anonymous, and I have only credited photos where requested).

Overall winner:

This customer sent in not one but three glorious photos - and they're all exquisite! I adore how they have styled my lingerie with some of my favourite designers (hi there, Kiss Me Deadly cape and Pop Antique corset!), plus their choice  of props is pretty much faultless: knife, roses and matching partner. There's a £200 voucher and other lingerie treats coming your way very soon!

Runners up:

Three things that I love about the photos from this customer:
1.The save the bees vibe. Bees are SO important and they need all the help and support from us that we can get. Plant flowers everyone please.
2. That gorgeous close cropped composition and grayscale. I'm a sucker for desaturated detail shots.
3. The patriachal-expectation-smashing and feminist awesomeness of that final photo. It's an awesome feeling to know that people are wearing your fancy lingerie designs under their work uniforms!

From @sonnetscribbler on instagram, with a painting by Lacey Bryant in the background

Mead! And bees! And glorious multi-lingual punnery!
(clarification: the styles worn in this photo are from the 'Miód' range, which means honey in Polish. A while ago I learned from my Norwegian partner that Mjød means mead, and they both basically sound the same. It's all honey related anyway. I have no idea if that was even intended but it tickled me anyway!) There's something rather lovely about the prospect of lounging in fancy bee-themed lingerie and drinking honey-based alcohol from a  fancy glass.

So those are my top three entries, and I will be in touch very shortly with their lovely lingerie prizes!

To finish, here are all of the wonderful entries that I received. There's some truly inspiring styling and photography , I only wish I could give everyone a prize!

From T/@moonlightdrive, wearing a corset by Sparklewren

From @kiwi_in_lingerie

From @coquettishblog

From @laceandhaze

From @valkyriaria

From Garterblog, photography by @awosoma 

From Garterblog, photography by @little_nanaki

Can't wait until my next competition- it's definitely going to have to be another creative one!

Karolina xx

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