Patreon - New Tiers + Benefits!

Patreon - New Tiers + Benefits!

Since 2017 I've been blogging over on Patreon: sharing my new designs, looks behind the scenes, photoshoots, trade secrets and lots more. Almost all of it is exclusive to that platform. I love sharing my work on Patreon, and have built up an incredible community of lingerie lovers there!

Patreon is built on the premise of 'patrons' of an artist pledging a monthly payment of their choice, in exchange for access to exclusive content. The business model allows me to create the fantastical couture ensembles that otherwise have no commercial viability (though you may spot the odd one in my sample sale at a heavy discount). 

Since relocating to Oslo from London, I've been investing more time in the Patreon platform. The standard 'retail' business model just doesn't work from here, but blogging Patreon allows me to keep creating the things that I love, and for my fans to have exclusive access to those creations! I just introduced some new membership tiers to the platform, and I hope that one of these may tantalise you to join us there...

$2/month - access to occasional behind-the-scenes posts, and to the Patreon 'Lens' platform (where images are shared for 24 hours)
$5/month - access to everything at $2, plus a minimum of one 'full' Patreon post per month - often more! Content varies, and includes things such as design development, photoshoots and garments in detail.
$10/month - access to the ENTIRE Patreon feed: hundreds of archive posts, and all new posts, delivered directly to your email inbox.
$20/month - access to the entire Patreon feed as in the previous tier, plus with every 12 cumulative payments, receive a printed souvenir booklet of the 'best of' my projects from the last year, delivered worldwide! 
$30/month - everything from the $20 tier, plus an exclusive lingerie inspired choker design! Limited to only 50 people! 
$50/month - access to the entire Patreon feed, plus with every 12 cumulative payments, receive an exclusively designed, handmade lingerie set, delivered worldwide. Limited to only 20 people!


Feeling tempted? Head over to my page to find out more about the platform, and why you should join! 

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